Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Director of Surgery

Pancreatic Disease

  • I was able to provide a comprehensive service for all pancreatic surgical problems and was on the British Society of Gastroenterology working party that drew up the national guidelines for:-
    ‘The management of patients with pancreatic, periampullary and ampullary carcinomas’
    ‘Guidelines for the management of patients with pancreatic cancer, periampullary and ampullary carcinomas.’ Gut 2005;54(Suppl V):1-16
  • I provided a full endoscopic (ERCP) service with stenting of malignant biliary and pancreatic strictures.
  • I headed up the surgical service for pancreatic surgery and over the last 10 years we had no hospital mortality following pancreatic surgery, performing over 25 pancreatic resections a year as well as multiple other pancreatic operative procedures for chronic pancreatitis or endocrine tumours. We provided a regional pancreatic service for the whole of North Trent area and beyond. We have had an International referral service for pancreatic conditions such as endocrine tumours with patients coming from as far afield as Pakistan.
  • I have a particular interest in the management of pancreatic cancer and have published on this vexing condition:-
    ‘Surgical aspects of jaundice: surgery for malignant disease.’ Hospital Update
    ‘Pancreatic Cancer – A Scourge of our Time.’ Current Practice in Surgery
    This topic formed the basis of my Zachary Cope Memorial lecture in 2006
  • As a unit we ran a regional service with a weekly joint Multi Disciplinary Team Meeting with radiologists, pathologists and oncologists.
  • I provided a comprehensive clinical service for both acute and chronic pancreatitis and once again have published on these topics:-
    ‘Acquired dysfibrinogenaemia masquerading as D.I.C. in acute pancreatitis.’
    J Clin Pathol 1988;41:615-618
    ‘Thrombophlebitis migrans in association with acute relapsing pancreatitis’
    Br J Surg 1995;82:674
  • For chronic pancreatitis we provided definitive surgery as clinically indicated including pancreatic resection, pancreatico-jejunostomy, cysto-jejunostomy etc., as well as palliative procedures such as thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy for pain.



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