Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Director of Surgery

Hernia Surgery

  • I provided a comprehensive surgical service for all hernia sufferers, including local, regional and general anaesthetic as well as the newer forms of mesh repair. Patient preference was always taken into consideration after full and informed discussion.
  • I have a particular interest in Sportsman’s Hernia and have serviced many of the major football and ice hockey teams. This service was provided with the full support of rheumatologists or orthopaedic physicians and a joint consultation was regularly available.
  • I have a major medico-legal practice with regard to industrial hernias or those deemed to have resulted from accidents at work or through other injuries.
  • I have long been an advocate of true informed consent and this is particularly relevant with regard to hernia repair:- ‘Who’s afraid of informed consent?’ Br Med J 1993;306:298-300



I am sorry but I cannot answer unsolicited questions sent from patients or relatives to me either by e-mail or through the website.

Clinical advice should be sought from a patient’s General Practitioner prior to any referral.

Unsolicited e-mails requesting clinical advice regrettably cannot be responded to.